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Municipalities support $36,000 location study for central Lambton FHT

By October 14, 2010No Comments

Municipalities support $36,000 location study for central Lambton FHT

PETROLIA – Petrolia Topic Staff

Central Lambton County municipalities have come to the plate with $35,300 to help support the creation of the central Lambton Family Health Team (FHT), to be located in Petrolia.

Area municipalities have pledged financial support towards a $36,000 facility study that will look at location options for housing doctors, allied health care professionals and support staff within a single FHT site.

The location study has begun and options should be presented to an FHT steering committee before the end of the year.

Petrolia Mayor John McCharles said “This is great news for our doctors and the health of the central Lambton community. I am proud to be working with area municipalities and the mayors and councils. This is teamwork at its best.” The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced approval for an FHT in Petrolia earlier this spring and the steering committee was created to move the project forward. The committee is planning to have the central Lambton FHT operational by 2011 or 2012 and the facility will serve some 20,000 county residents.

Contributing to the study are Petrolia $10,000; Enniskillen Township $10,000; Plympton-Wyoming $5,000; St. Clair Township $4,500; Brooke-Alvinston Township $3,000; Oil Springs $1,800; and Dawn-Euphemia Township $1,000