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Welcome to Petrolia

Petrolia lies at the heart of rural Lambton County—and what a heart it is! We have a long and remarkable history of exceptional healthcare. At the centre of our community is a modern small hospital with acute care beds, continuing care beds, a 24/7 emergency department and a fully functioning eye clinic. Our doctors and healthcare professionals are highly valued members of the community and are enthusiastically supported by its citizens.

The mayors and councils of Petrolia and Rural Lambton County welcome you and encourage you to visit us so that we might share with you the countless services that contribute to our exceptional quality of life. We boast some of the finest facilities anywhere: from our professional theatre to our state-of-the-art wellness centre; from schools that rank among the best in the province to a brand new farmers’ market; from lush green parks to safe and friendly neighbourhoods.

The Central Lambton Recruitment Committee is proud to represent the following communities in the catchment area: The Township of Brooke-Alvinston, The Township of Dawn-Euphemia, The Township of Enniskillen, The Village of Oil Springs, The Town of Petrolia, The Town of Plympton-Wyoming, The Township of St. Clair and the Township of Warwick.

The Community

Petrolia is nestled in the heart of Southwestern Ontario’s Lambton County and framed by Lake Huron and the St. Clair River. Known as The Greatest Town on Earth, Petrolia’s unique and rich history as the cradle of the global oil industry is reflected in its countless lush green parks, grand church spires, colorful gardens and beautiful neighbourhoods.

The town’s commitment to the preservation of its history supports a quality of life that energizes its residents and inspires its visitors. From its full-service hospital to its outstanding community and wellness centre; from its unique and vibrant businesses to its elegantly restored Victoria Playhouse; from its excellent schools to its many service clubs and volunteer organizations, Petrolia honours its success and takes pride in its fiercely independent community spirit.

Your Career

History of CEEH

Jacob Lewis Englehart, born in Cleveland, Ohio November 2, 1847, came to London, Ontario at the age of ninteen and built a small refinery. Englehart searched for a source of crude petroleum to supply his expanding refinery. When the City of London refused to build a pipeline from the Petrolia oil fields to London, Englehart sold his refinery and moved to Petrolia in 1876, where he started another refinery. This refinery eventually became Imperial Oil.

In 1891, Jake married Charlotte Eleanor Thompson. Their home was an imposing red brick Victorian mansion. Jake and Charlotte took up golf and built a six-hole course at the foot of the hill.

On December 31, 1908, Charlotte died. The contents of her will revealed that she deeded the residence, property and golf course to the town for the establishment of a hospital after Jake’s death. In 1911, the thirteen-bed capacity Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital opened.

Your Opportunities

Training Centre

The Petrolia Family Medicine Training site began training full time residents in 2011. Since then, the clinic has had multiple residents train and graduate to board-certified status. Many have thoroughly enjoyed their experience and have stayed in the Lambton county area to practise primary care medicine.

The Medical Practice

  • Office Practice (EMR), Hospital Inpatients, Nursing Home, etc.
  • Family Health Network – Mix of roster fees, FFS, & Capitation
  • No pressure to see high volumes
  • On-call lower-acuity Emergency Room – Alternate Payment Program
  • No intra-partum obstetrics

Income Expectations

  • Achieve solid income at 25 patients per day, roster of 1400 pts. and 1/8 call
  • Nursing home income, ER income in addition to FHN roster payments
  • CEE Hospital Foundation has exceptional incentives, details available upon request

Lifestyle & Intangibles

  • Core of young committed physicians to support you; professional congeniality
  • Live in a modern neighbourhood, nicer homes on golf course; 5 minutes from work
  • Only 20 minutes to Lake Huron – boat, fish, swim at the beach
  • Warm weather, close to large cities and international airports
  • Local modern fitness facilities and large indoor pool, professional theatre
  • Restaurants, hockey arena, large high school with scholarship program
  • Friendly people, appreciative patients

What is it about having your practice in Petrolia and the community that is positive and unique?

The unique part about having a practice in Petrolia is the ability to practice rural family medicine without being far away from an urban centre. You have the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of family medicine in a small town with the support of specialists in Sarnia and London.

My practice, for instance, includes having my own clinics, doing emergency medicine, looking after acute care patients admitted to the hospital, taking care of chronic care patients, and working as one of the physicians on staff at the Lambton Public Health Unit. In addition, I have the unique opportunity to participate in hospital administration and management. Just a few months ago, I was appointed adjunct professor at the Schulich School of Dentistry and Medicine. Having a practice in Petrolia, not only allows you to develop a diverse work setting, it also provides a tremendous amount of opportunities for self-and career-development.

Dr. A. WangFamily Physician

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