Please congratulate our Registered Dietitian, Emily Opthof on her Future Innovator Award Honourable Mention

Emily’s goal is to develop and provide game-changing environments where patients and caregivers play an important role in shaping programs that will help them achieve their best health. Emily teaches hands-on food skills and nutrition information in a format that truly reflects individual needs and community values. This could mean anything from offering lower cost recipes, providing appropriate literacy level resources, or scheduling classes to fit a variety of schedules. Programs are designed to grow with participant input.

The “Food Explorers” program for children and “Cooking Made Simple” program for adults are developed to offer nutrition education and skill-building. Programs introduce participants to new types of food, teach hands-on kitchen skills, and promote a realistic approach to healthy lifestyles. Instead of focusing on weight loss, they encourage eating to feel well, moving in ways that bring joy, and prioritizing self-care with sleep hygiene and stress management.

Colleagues say Emily is a “collaborative, creative and ever-motivating” team member, “dedicated to the health and wellness of every patient and caregiver she interacts with.” A passionate problem-solver, committed to creating accessible and equal care for patients and family caregivers, Emily is sure to make important contributions in the years to come.